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slide23Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness said he's confident that Deputy Jeff Mitchell's murder will be solved. Friday the Sheriff spoke of the investigation into the identity of the Deputy’s murder and stated "I'm very hopeful, but at the same time frustrated and agonizing over the fact that it's taken this long." McGinness stated that investigators are following up tips that the killer of Deputy Mitchell may be a Mexican national. "We have gotten tips that the person responsible is somebody from Mexico and that they've gone back to Mexico," said McGinness. Although this theory would explain many unanswered questions in the murder of the Deputy, McGinness cautioned that the lead is just one of many that are being investigated.

slide23The state Senate on Tuesday passed a measure that would move California’s presidential primary election to the first Tuesday in February beginning in 2008, while leaving the statewide primary election in June.  Supporters say the measure is necessary in California because presidential candidates typically visit the state to raise money but spend little time courting voters. The Democrat and Republican nominations are usually decided long before the state's traditional June primary according to proponents. State Senator Cox argues that this measure is NOT about making California relevant.  It is about changing term limits and redistricting.  In addition, this measure would cost $50 to $60 million.  We still face a multi-billion dollar structural deficit and we have higher priorities than an expensive election. The Bill will now move to the assembly.

slide8A Reno-Tahoe coalition has begun building support for a possible 2018 Winter Olympics bid around Lake Tahoe, the site of the 1960 games. A group of business leaders and politicians known as the Reno-Tahoe Winter Games Coalition on Tuesday won unanimous support from the Placer County Board of Supervisors to pursue the plan. According to CBS 13, on Thursday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office signaled he would consider supporting a bid if the U.S. Olympic Committee decides to pursue the 2018 games. "The governor is always supportive of anything that would be of potential economic boost to California," said Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear. "He is currently working to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to Los Angeles and would consider any other events that would benefit California." Jim Vanden Heuvel, the coalition's chief executive officer, estimates the region would need $1.6 billion in improvements to host the 2018 Games.

Assemblyman Jim Beall, D-San Jose. Has proposed a new piece of legislation to help the middle class more easily afford college tuition for their children. Beall has proposed legislation to allow people to pay at today's prices for tuition they will use far in the future, when prices are likely to be higher. Contributors could add dollars into specified accounts at any time. The goal of Beall's bill, Assembly Bill 152, is to provide a hedge against inflation for middle-class students who do not qualify for financial aid but are squeezed by skyrocketing tuition. "For a huge number of families, these programs are a tremendous opportunity," said Jackie Williams, chairwoman of the College Savings Plans Network, a nonprofit group. UC tuition and fees have nearly quadrupled since 1991 -- and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed an additional $500 increase for the University of California and $252 for California State University. Beall's bill is patterned after a successful program in Washington State that has attracted more than 70,000 participantsslide27 in nearly a decade.

The Governor’s new budget proposal included 509 million dollars from Indian gaming proceeds he expects to collect from the expansion of 5 Southern California Indian Gaming Compacts and now State lawmakers are warning Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger not to pin his hopes for balancing the state budget on these funds. The admonishment, delivered last week at the state's largest tribal gambling convention, offers a potential preview of a second blistering legislative battle over agreements that would allow five of the state's richest tribes to add up to 22,500 slot machines.
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PG&E Grants Up For Grabs

slide29Pacific Gas and Electric Company has announced that it will once again offer grants, funded by its shareholders, to local economic development organizations and agencies throughout its northern and central California service territory. Helen Burt, senior vice president and chief customer officer for PG&E  states "We recognize the communities we serve are continuing to face a wide range of economic challenges,". Burt continues "We will be looking for projects that promote private sector investment to strengthen the local economies of the communities where we live and work."
slide21A controversial bill that would have required mandatory spaying and neutering of most California cats and dogs was shelved last Monday. Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, D-Van Nuys, pulled AB 1634 at a hearing of the state Senate Local Government Committee at the Capitol. "It pains me to have to tell everybody this, but I've been reading the handwriting on the wall and it doesn't look like we have the votes," Levine said as he announced his decision on KCRA.
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California Population by 2050

slide38 A report released this week from the California State Department of Finance has some interesting details regarding the make up of the population of California, including details on mortality, fertility and migration rates of the ethnic groups that make up the GoldenState. The report projects California's population will reach almost 60 million people by 2050, adding over 25 million since the 2000 decennial census, according to long-range population projections released today by the California Department of Finance. From less than 34 million Californians counted in that census, the new data series shows that the state will pass the 40 million mark in 2012, and exceed 50 million by 2032.

slide32The Council of Western State Foresters is reporting that California is a leader in the use of best management practices for forest water quality protection. “Well managed forests provide for the clean water necessary to maintain and enhance biodiversity in the watershed,” said Crawford Tuttle, Chief Deputy Director of the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE).
slide27An alleged plot among 10 men to overthrow the communist government of Laos involved a scheme to use the California Highway Patrol Academy to train the future regime's police force according to California Highway Patrol spokeswoman Fran Clader who said the CHP was contacted by federal investigators who suspect the plot's organizers. The organizers were planning to help the CHP recruit Hmong, who are originally from mountainous regions of Southeast Asia. According to court documents, organizers hoped to call on those officers to "abandon" the CHP after they completed their state-funded training and to provide law enforcement for a new regime.