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Monday, 08 January 2007 00:24

Statewide Project Monitors the Efects and Impacts of Global Warming

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slide28A University of California, Merced professor will be heading a statewide study project to monitor the effects and impacts of global warming on the Sierra Nevada snow pack. Professor and Engineer Roger Bales is coordinating somewhere around 20 scientists for the project which will use ground sensors and gauges to measure snowfall and the varying rates of melting snow, which he said have become more irregular due to worldwide climate change.
slide29 The project’s goal is to provide new information about the amount of snowmelt flowing from the mountains into the state's reservoirs, where the water is used for hydropower production and irrigation said Bales. The Sierra Nevada Hydrologic Observatory will also provide previously unavailable snowmelt data from higher elevations. "The Sierra Nevada are particularly vulnerable because a lot of our snowfall occurs right around freezing -- and it doesn't take much of a temperature shift to turn that snowfall into rainfall," Bales said.
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