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Monday, 15 January 2007 00:28

Cold Temps Prompt Emergency Declaration

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slide29Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger issued a statewide emergency proclamation Friday, mobilizing state and regional resources to ensure the safety of residents and property during the cold snap. The proclamation orders the California Office of Emergency Services to direct all necessary state personnel, equipment and facilities to help "alleviate this emergency."  The Governor stated that "I have directed state agencies to activate the extreme temperature protocols established last year to assist the most vulnerable populations in the state and asked local governments and the people of California to take common sense precautions in the unseasonably cold weather," Schwarzenegger stated. The proclamation also provides financial support for local communities and the directs the California National Guard to open additional armories as temporary warming facilities.

slide31 The California Department of Food and Agriculture, the California Department of Social Services, and California Volunteers will work with local governments and non-profit organizations to provide fair grounds as temporary housing. Farmers across the state were scrambling to protect citrus fruit still on the trees, using huge fans to circulate air and keep temperatures a little warmer in the fields. The cold is threatening the state's nearly $1 billion citrus crop, including oranges, tangerines and lemons still unpicked on thousands of trees statewide.

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