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Friday, 19 January 2007 00:05

Gov. Schwarzenegger Signed an Executive Order for Low Carbon Fuel Standards

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slide41Yesterday Gov. Schwarzenegger signed an Executive Order now mandating a Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) for the state of California. The order seeks to reduce the carbon component of fuels for passenger vehicles by at least 10 percent by the year 2020. The reduction carbon emissions is an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the state’s dependency on fossil type fuels.  "Reducing the carbon content of transportation fuels sold in California by just 10 percent means we will replace 20 percent of our gasoline consumption with lower-carbon fuels, more than triple the size of the state's renewable fuels market, and add seven million alternative fuel vehicles to our roads," Schwarzenegger said in a press release.
slide42 The Executive Order directs the State Secretary of Environmental Protection to work with the California Energy Commission, the University of California and other agencies to create a draft compliance schedule for the 2020 deadline. The state's Air Resources Board is also being directed to review Low Carbon Fuel Standard protocols by early summer and begin a regulatory process to implement it. The governor wrote the LCFS is one step in implementing California's landmark greenhouse gas legislation signed into law last year.
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