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AFPD board OKs traditional helmets for firefighters

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Amador County – The Amador Fire Protection District board of directors last week approved district policy to allow for the use of traditional-style fire fighting helmets by personnel un under certain circumstances, and only after the personnel sign a waiver.

AFPD Battalion Chief Dave Bellerive said the traditional style helmet was a symbol of tradition for fire fighters, and safety is at issue. The policy would require certification of the helmets by Occupational Safety & Health Administration or the National Fire Protection Association. He urged adoptions of policy changes to allow the traditional helmets.

Supervisor Vice Chairman Richard Forster said the traditional helmet is a lot heavier. Supervisor Brian Oneto said the traditional helmet is not approved for wildland fire fighting, and fire fighters can use their issued helmet in wildland fire fighting.

Bellerive said the district is currently buying two helmets for each member of the district fire department. One helmet is for structural fires, and one is for wildland fires. Supervisor John Plasse said “it comes down to a style issue.”

Bellerive said under proposed policy, to wear the traditional helmet, personnel must sign a waiver, in case it falls off on the way to a fire. The board advised staff to change policy to allow traditional helmets, but noted that employees must purchase their own traditional helmets, subject to policy.

The board passed the policy change on a 4-1 vote with Plasse dissenting.

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