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Supervisors await $1.1 million Triple Flip, layoff salaries total $1.6 million

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Amador County – Amador County Supervisors approved extending layoff notices for eight employees while awaiting the potential return of $1.1 million from the state budget, but still face a layoff list of $1.6 million in salaries.

Supervisor Vice Chairman Richard Forster said he would be more in favor of trying to retain some of the positions beyond the eight. Supervisor Chairman Louis Boitano agreed. The total list of those getting layoff notices was 24 positions, 16 of which are full-time-equivalent. Nine others are 60% or less full-time-equivalent positions.

Supervisor Ted Novelli said he would prefer giving funds to both areas, employees and public works, and noted that they would need approval of the union to bring people back as extra help. County Administrative Officer Chuck Iley said they would have to discuss that with the union.

Steve Bristow, business agent for Service Employees International Union Local 1021, representing county employees said the union can agree to the layoff notice extension.

Iley said the Legislature was expecting to pass the state budget Wednesday, June 27 and the remaining budget rider bills next week. He said the board could have a special meeting next Tuesday, June 31 if needed.

Iley said none of the department heads are saying they don’t need employees. Forster said layoffs and recalls would go by seniority. Supervisor Brian Oneto said “we’re still eating into our carryover and we either need to make some cuts now and bleed a little red ink, or keep staffing and bleed a lot of red ink.” Boitano suggested crossing out part-timers and keeping what’s left, or about 16 full-time positions.

Supervisor John Plasse asked how much of the potentially restored $1.1 million should be dedicated to “other use.” He said: “I don’t see the need to restore the full $1 million to the contingency right now.” He motioned that, pending restoration of the $1.1 million in Triple Flip funds, they recall the top eight prioritized positions, with salaries totaling $563,000; then put $250,000 to public works for prioritized repairs; and the remaining $300,000-pluss to contingencies.

Forster asked what it would cost to extend the whole list by 10 days. Iley said “we’re paying employees who are not working and it is not cheap.” Forster supported recall of employees, but “my inclination would be to put more of that money into employee costs.”

County Counsel Greg Gillott said no extension to the layoff notices would mean everyone would be laid off then essentially terminated. Extending the layoff notice allows employees to keep vacation time that they have accrued.

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