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Chili Cook OffThe weather was warm, the crowds large and the chili was hot at the annual Fireman’s Chili Cook Off in Downtown Volcano this last Saturday. In fact- the cook off was so popular this year that chili was in short supply- yes they ran out of chili. The annual event for fire departments countywide raises thousands of dollars per year to assist our local volunteer fire departments with their financial needs for gear and equipment.
Thousands of prison sentences in California are at stake, in a case the Supreme Court has been hearing today. Lawyers for a man who sexually abused his son are appealing his prison sentence. They said he should've been sentenced to 12 years, rather than the 16 a judge handed him. The defense claimed the judge added time based on factors not considered by the jury. But California's deputy attorney general said the sentence is fine. He argued that state law is in line with recent Supreme Court rulings on sentencing guidelines. In fact, Chief Justice John Roberts told the defense lawyer that the California system "looks a lot like the federal system" after it was modified by the high court.
Friday, 13 October 2006 00:52

PG&E Local Support

Continuing its commitment to support the economic vitality of the communities it serves, Pacific Gas and Electric Company yesterday announced the granting of $379,000 to 63 community-based organizations for local economic development and community development projects throughout northern and central California. This marks the fifth year of funding for the company's Economic Development Grant Program, which is supported through PG&E's shareholder-funded charitable giving program.
Want to experience a fun and productive day of cleaning along the banks of the Mokelumne River! Want to fell appreciated for any time you can contribute—whether that’s one hour or half a day? Experience a lovely day on the banks of the Mokelumne River? Mark your calendars for the 2006 Mokelumne River clean-up, this year on Saturday November 4, 2006 8:30 AM. The sign ups are at 8:30 AM at the back parking lot of the Jackson Senior Center at 229 New York Ranch Rd. or for upcountry residents at the West Point Elementary School parking lot. Coffee, and morning munchies will be served.
Counties statewide must train their emergency response staff and other county staff members to remain eligible for federal grant funds related to natural disasters or terrorist attacks. These federal dollars are very important to all counties, especially small counties like our own Amador, that depend on these Federal Emergency Management Agency dollars for emergency situations such as road repairs from last winter’s and spring’s storms. Amador County supervisor OK'd the training program known as the National Incident Management System. The training consists of at least one all-day session for employees, and may include some online coursework.
A new survey is being conducted in the county- this time to look at our local transit and transportation needs. The survey is being conducted by a diverse group of individuals from multiple agencies and organizations throughout the county including the Amador Regional Transit System, or ARTS, the ARC of Amador County, Social Services, First Five Amador, Amador County, and concerned citizens. This group evolved out of the two workshops on the issue that were held last February and April that are part of the county’s general plan information findings. Together these organizations form a group called the Social Services Transportation Advisory Council.
A small fire broke out this morning near Grape Vine Gulch Rd and the Camanche Hills Gun Club in the Camanche area. The fire, reported around 9:30 am, had a slow rate of spread and was quickly contained by members of the Jackson Valley Fire Department, Ione Fire, Mule Creek Fire responders, CDF and EBMUD. The fire burned at less than an acre and the cause at this time is still to be determined. Another small fire of around two acres burned late yesterday afternoon at Hwy 16 and Murrieta . The fire was caused by equipment and was also contained quickly. These two fires, although small, do serve as a reminder that we are still in fire season and the small amount of rain that has fallen has not lessened the ability of wildland fires to burn. Please be cautious with both fire and equipment during this time.
The flu season is fast approaching and its time again to think about getting your little ones immunized for influenza. The Sutter Amador Pediatric Center, in efforts to better serve their pediatric patients, will have two flu clinics this year. The first clinic will be held Wednesday October 25th from 8:30am –noon. The second clinic will be held Thursday November 2nd from 8:30am to noon as well. The clinic is a first come first serve basis and no appointments will be necessary. For more information call the Sutter Amador Pediatric Center at 257-1722.
Two Special Ceremonies were held yesterday by the Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwok Indians for new additions to their gaming complex and tribal lands. The first ceremony was held yesterday morning for the opening of the newly constructed driveway that will serve as the main entrance to the Jackson Rancheria Casino, Hotel and Conference Center. The new entrance is located off Hwy 88 between Ousby and Rossbridge Roads. It took the Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwok Indians years of wrangling with the state and federal government to construct this roadway to create a separate entrance for the thriving gaming establishment, an entrance other than the entrance located off of the heavily traveled New York Ranch Rd and Ridge Rd corridors.
A Yolo County judge's ruling upholding a California law that allows public colleges and universities to extend resident fees to illegal immigrants will be appealed, lawyers for the plaintiffs said Wednesday. "We fully intend to appeal," said Kris Kobach, an attorney for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, adding the challenge will be filed within the next few weeks in the 3rd District Court of Appeal in Sacramento. The class action lawsuit was filed last December on behalf of out-of-state students who claimed that giving certain undocumented immigrants an in-state tuition break discriminated against legal U.S. residents who are charged a higher tuition. The plaintiffs argued the California law violates, among other matters, federal immigration reform legislation passed in 1996.