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Despite Hearing the Legal RamificationsEldorado National Forest Supervisor Ramiro Villalvazo signed a decision last week that leaves in place the 1999 Rock Creek Recreation Trails Management Plan for motorized and non-motorized trails located in the Rock Creek area near Georgetown. The decision came about after the Forest Service completed a Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement ordered by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California in August 2005. The District Court ordered the Forest Service to complete a cumulative effects analysis to address the effects of the proposed trails project on the Pacific Deer Herd.

Despite Hearing the Legal Ramifications

This week’s Jackson City Council meeting began with public comment from a Jackson resident who lives on Agate place. Joan Croix was concerned about speed of vehicles on Placer Drive. She asked about speed maximums and possibly additional signage to alert motorist to the fact that kids may be playing in street. City Manager Mike Daly said that the discussion could possibly appear as a future agenda topic. Nina Machado of First Five Amador made a brief presentation updating the board on the new Amador Cooperative Preschool which is located at 101 Shopping Circle Drive in Jackson. The building was purchased by the ATCAA with Community Development Block Grand funds obtained by the City in 2001.
Tuesday, 24 October 2006 02:48

Wildland Fire On The Jackson Rancheria

Accident InvestigationYesterday afternoon a wild land fire broke out on the Jackson Rancheria just off the brand new entrance to the Rancheria, Dalton Drive. Battalion 10 personnel and CDF quickly responded asking for mutual aid from Jackson City Fire as well. The fire was contained to 3 acres with help from Pine Grove Camp crews. Sparks from a cutting tool set hay that was spread on a hillside to reduce erosion on fire. The fire then went up the hill to the woods and started a wild land fire.
Tuesday, 24 October 2006 02:09

Bizarre Accident Yesterday Afternoon

Accident Investigation

A bizarre accident injured a woman yesterday afternoon on Hwy 88 in the curves near Raven Rd. The woman was traveling eastbound on 88 in a Suzuki Samarai when a west bound car struck a deer, a large buck. The buck was then catapulted through the air and then through the windshield of the woman’s Suzuki.

Accident InvestigationToday the Board of Supervisors will consider raising the salaries of some elected county officials. However, those officials getting raises, if approved, will not include the supervisors themselves. Last winter, in December of 2005, the supervisors considered the salary increases for the positions of Sheriff, Treasurer-Tax Collector, Auditor, Clerk-Recorder, Assessor and District Attorney- all elected positions in the county. At that time the raises were approved- to be effective on Oct 1st 2006- now the board will look at officially approving the salaries retroactively, including a 3.6 cost of living increase, to the October 1st date.

Tuesday, 24 October 2006 02:08

Fire restrictions Lifted In The Forest

Accident InvestigationFire restrictions will be lifted on the Eldorado National Forest effective Thursday, October 26, 2006. Visitors can use wood, charcoal, or gas fires or stoves outside of developed campgrounds as long as they possess a valid California Campfire Permit and follow the permit regulations. “Despite cooler temperatures and recent storms, fuel conditions in most of the of forest are still dry” said Bob Patton, Acting Fire Management Officer.

Accident InvestigationThe Amador County Unified School District is putting all cities and the county on notice- when you look at future developments don’t forget the schools. At last week’s Board Meeting the board unanimously approved a resolution that will be sent to all governmental agencies in the county regarding the school district’s needs for an expanding population. The hope of the school board, and district administration, is that cities and the county will include provisions in the rewrites of their new General Plans that will encourage, at a minimum and require as optimal, that developers reach an agreement with the school district before the city or county approves a project. According to Superintendent Mike Carey’s presentation at the recent Board meeting the district’s hands, as well as local governments, are tied because of the state law SB50.

Tuesday, 24 October 2006 02:07

Heritage Days

Accident InvestigationHeritage Days came this past Saturday to downtown Jackson and according to Historic Jackson Business Association President Toni Fancher the event was very successful- despite her incarceration in the local jail after her arrest by the Sierra Sixguns and Sidekicks. “Don’t worry states Fancher, she was in good company. You see Jackson Chief of Police Scott Morrison was also apprehended by the posse- his charge- impersonating the Chief of Police. Apparently, they did not notice the stripes on his uniform as he allegedly “heckled” the actors.

Accident InvestigationAccident Investigation

Tuesday, 24 October 2006 02:07

CHP Sees Quieter Weekend

Accident Investigation This past weekend was relatively quiet for the California Highway Patrol on local roadways. On Friday Officer Brian Hagemann investigated an accident that occurred on Hwy 49 at Martell Rd. The 3;30 pm accident occurred when Birthe Christensen of Sutter Creek stopped behind another vehicle on northbound Hwy 49 at the Martell Rd. stopsign. Dawn Parla of Pioneer then stopped behind Christensen and allowed her foot to slip off of the brake pedal rolling into the rear bumper of Christensen. Saturday Officer Chris Zaragoza, while on patrol in the upcountry area, responded to a report of an accident Hwy 88 at Kay’s Rd.